Councillor’s resignation long way from official

Is Nabil Razkalla still a McLennan town councillor? He announced he was quitting, but does that really mean anything?
So basically, he has resigned right? Technically, no.
According to the Municipal Government Act for Alberta, a resignation presented to council, even if it is in writing, is not official until the councillor resigning, presents the letter to administration, which is the office staff. The very moment that the letter is presented to administration, the resignation is official and the councillor cannot return to council.
“I presented the letter to council to give them notice ahead of time that I am resigning and that if they were to replace me, they would have time to find someone else,” says Razkalla.
During the meeting of August 21, Razkalla showed the letter, but did not give it to anybody. Technically, he has yet to “present” it to administration.
Razkallah introduced three motions at the same meeting.
The first is about the personnel committee. According to Razkalla, the personnel committee that deals with staff issues is made up of the Mayor and two councillors. Razkalla says this makes it difficult to make decisions in a small town. It may be more effective to expand the committee’s membership to help make decisions.
Razkalla requested for a trial period of six months to expand the personnel committee to include all members of the council. This motion was passed by council.
The second motion was about attendance sheets. Razkalla wants the chief administrative officer to submit their attendance sheets from January, 1, 2000 to August 31,2000 at the next council meeting. He also wants the month- ly attendance sheets to become an integral part of the council information package in the future. This motion passed.
The third motion was about vacation leave. Razkalla wanted the chief administrative officer to request vacation leave in advance. The leave will be authorized after mutually agreeing with council on the dates.
This motion passed.
“I plan to stay for the next two meetings to make sure that these motions come into effect, and then I will present my resignation to administration,” says Razkalla.
Already, there are problems with that idea. Although the attendance sheet motion passed, McLennan mayor Ron Faulkner is having second thoughts.
“Although this motion was passed, I plan to review it with council again because I don’t believe that this information is fair to administration to become public knowledge” he says.
This information is already reviewed by the auditors and therefore, there is no reason that it must be reviewed again,” he says.
As far as replacing Razkalla, according to Faulkner, it would be at least two months before a possible election. With general municipal elections slated for October, 2001, that would mean less than a year left this councils mandate. Therefore, he says, if Razkallah does indeed make his resignation official, Mc- Lennan council will likely finish out its term with six instead of seven elected officials.

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