Survey gauging area’s needs for seniors’ housing

To determine the needs for a proposed regional seniors assisted-living housing facility in McLennan, organizers are spearheading a survey.
GAP surveys people aged 45-and-over
People 45 years of age and over are being invited to complete a survey for the Golden Alternative Project (GAP) that was recently launched by the McLennan Community Consultative Group, in partnership with Smoky River Family and Community Support Services.Planning for the two-storey facility on a site between Sacred Heart Community Health Center and Ecole Providence Catholic School, the complex would accommodate over 90 seniors and severely handicapped, serving English, French, and Aboriginal communities.
“Once again, we need a survey completed by the people in the communities who need to see this project become a reality,” said GAP president Richard Simard.
“We need your help in determining exactly what is needed and how many people will need the facility immediately, and how many will need the facility in the future.”
“Once we establish the number of units and monthly costs that can realistically be supported by the people needing this facility, we will be able to progress to the next stage of this development,” said Simard.
Developer will pay for cost of construction
JODAC Building Corporation of Edmonton will build the facility at its own cost, he said, and is waiting for the final number of units to start construction.
Cost of the project will be determined by the number of units, he said, and the blueprints are ready for the project.
The builder and the provincial government want to know how many people would be ready to move in when the facility opens and that the occupancy would remain stable in the long-term future.
“We’re hoping to get 400 to 500 surveys completed in the next three to four weeks,” said Simard. “We’ve had numerous phone calls about the survey, so lots of people want this facility to go ahead.”
The developer is somewhat optimistic that the regional demand will require 60 to 80 units.
“Survey says…”
Survey questions cover a wide range of needs:
When do you feel you would need to relocate to this facility?
For a rental, what rate and room size would you be able to accommodate?
Do you wish to have your name registered for your commitment?
Anyone wishing to receive a survey may phone Simard at 523-4524 (office during day) or 324-2829 (home evenings), or secretary Chris Jones at 324-3736.

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